Getting to know yourself through Extra Sensory Perception

Glad to announce that teacher Ooi Kean Hin is coming to the Netherlands again for a beautiful workshop. He is famous of his extra sensory perception and has a great knowledge of Qigong. He has authored many books and created dvd’s and cd’s about Zhineng Qigong. He can guide you in a strong healing Qi-field that can bring you to a deeper level of your practice.

What will the participants get in the workshop

Teacher Ooi Kean Hin will explain what is ESP, how to develop it and how to apply it in your practice. We will let you experience different Qi fields, recognize the changes of Qi within your body when your emotion changes and how to manage the emotions efficiently. We will guide you to experience the middle state (Qigong state) and teach you how to stay there.
In addition to that, we go in depth practice with a.o.:

  • 3 Centre Merge;
  • Big La Qi;
  • Straight-legs-sitting;
  • LQU, and,
  • Easy Taiji-ball.

Workshop dat and place

18-19-20-21 October 2019
This 4-day workshop will be organized at “De Poort” in Groesbeek in the Netherlands.
You can book your own accommodation in the hotel of “De Poort”

Workshop times

From 9:30 till 12:15
from 14:00 till 16:15
Individual sessions will be done by Qigong therapists trained by teacher Ooi Kean Hin: from 16:30 till 17:30

Who should come for this interactive workshop

  • Everyone who is familiar with and practicing at home the above mentioned exercises;
  • Everyone who did the online Module-1 with teacher Ooi Kean Hin or teacher Sew Pei See;
  • Everyone who follows the classes or workshops with teacher Irma van Tuil.

The costs of this 4-day workshop is € 480,–
This is inclusive coffee/tea/lunch
The workshop will be conducted in English